FIRST - A Preliminary Evaluation

We start by asking a few brief questions so we get an idea of what your technology environment looks like. From here, we get a good idea of whether you need us to perform a Network Penetation Test, a Web Penetration Test, a Vulnerability Assessmet, a Social Engineering test, or some Employee Awareness Training.

SECOND - Perform Required Tests

Depending on our preliminary findings we recommend and perform the needed tests and training, and provide you with an Audit, suitable for Complaince, of our findings, including a complete explanation and recommendations.

THIRD - Follow Up and Remediate

We review our findings with you, making certain that our Report of Findings is completely clear, and we develop an Action Plan for Remediation with you. We work with you, if desired, to performn technical remediation, and we follow up to insure everything is corrected.

Cardinal Data Systems, Inc.

New York, NY