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Is your business secure?   Don't take chances with confidential information.   If you value your business, have a professional audit performed.   Why should you use us?   We have been in the technology business since 1974 and our staff is made up of IT Professionals from the Information Security, Financial Services, Insurance and Legal business sectors.   We understand the severity of a cyber-threat and we are committed to making sure your business is prepared.

As you may have heard, cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate. Targeted attacks soared 91% last year, and we’ve seen this dangerous trend continue in 2016.   Read about Experian's Data Breach Industry Forecast for 2016

Cybercriminals are trying new tactics—and these are far more effective and vicious than ever. These go beyond simple computer viruses, using a combination of malware and social engineering to steal your money and private information.

We offer several ways to check and secure your environment:

Vulnerability Assessment - By meeting with your technical staff, we identify specific areas of concern that may need attention. We document these areas and include them in manual or automated penetration testing.

Network Penetration Test - Uses the latest manual tools and automated tools to perform non-invasive tests of access points into your network, web sites, email and other key technologies in your environment resulting in a risk-evaluated action plan to secure your network.

Web Application Penetration Test - We identify points of vulnerability from inside the application and then use manual and automated tools to attempt to exploit these vulnerabilities. The results of these tests are included in our risk-evaluated action plan to secure your network.

Social Engineering Test - This method evaluates the level of preparedness of your staff to defend against persuasion or manipulation to gain unauthorized access to secure locations such as data centers.

Social Media and Phishing Test - This is a simulation of attempts to gain unauthorized computer access through non-targeted and targeted attacks using business technologies such as corporate email and trusted web links.

Our Simple Three-Step Process

1. Meet with one of our cyber-security engineers to provide basic information about your technology environment and we respond with a proposal.

2. Schedule and perform testing and we provide a detailed report of our findings including a detailed action plan for remediation.

3. We meet with you to review our findings and recommendations and if desired, we assist you in remediation.

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